Shadow Projection, Heart Wisdom and Acknowledgement of Country 

Jung Society Lecture May 2021 How to begin opening such a large, complex, mysterious subject, one that also, inevitably and necessarily, touches on the vast pain of Australia’s brutal occupation of Aboriginal lands. Well, we know how to begin. Thousands of events all over the country will be beginning tonight in a similar way to …

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I stood in a small circle in the centre with the Dreaming team. Hundreds of black ducks, water rats, rainbow lorikeets and pobblebonk frogs were perched around us on the grassy clearing by the creek. Hand-made costumes clad the child performers, who were struggling to keep quiet and seated in their allocated positions, energised at …

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Grace lands and arcs

The plans for our long-awaited co-becoming retreat go awry when I have a covid scare, but Julie says I don’t care, we two could go anyway. So we come together to Sorrento, the place where a thin and crooked finger of land separates the ocean from the bay. Water everywhere. And in the void where …

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