Grace lands and arcs

The plans for our long-awaited co-becoming retreat go awry when I have a covid scare, but Julie says I don’t care, we two could go anyway. So we come together to Sorrento, the place where a thin and crooked finger of land separates the ocean from the bay. Water everywhere. And in the void where …

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The Co-becoming Plunge

The Co-becoming Plunge: writing with the world. This half-year course is for those wishing to deepen both their nature connection and creative practices within a nourishing and supportive community. Using the practice of stream-of-consciousness writing, we will enter into presence with the more-than-human world and bring back other – and ancient – ways of knowing. …

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Just over one hundred years ago, Albert Einstein and Carl Jung sat down together for tea. The physicist and the psychologist met a number of times over the next few years to talk of their work; Einstein’s discovery of quantum mechanics, Jung’s ideas of psyche, of soul. Both of them, young people in their respective …

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