Grace lands and arcs

The plans for our long-awaited co-becoming retreat go awry when I have a covid scare, but Julie says I don’t care, we two could go anyway. So we come together to Sorrento, the place where a thin and crooked finger of land separates the ocean from the bay. Water everywhere. And in the void where …

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The Co-becoming Plunge

The Co-becoming Plunge: writing with the world. This half-year course is for those wishing to deepen both their nature connection and creative practices within a nourishing and supportive community. Using the practice of stream-of-consciousness writing, we will enter into presence with the more-than-human world and bring back other – and ancient – ways of knowing. …

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Just over one hundred years ago, Albert Einstein and Carl Jung sat down together for tea. The physicist and the psychologist met a number of times over the next few years to talk of their work; Einstein’s discovery of quantum mechanics, Jung’s ideas of psyche, of soul. Both of them, young people in their respective …

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The Roar of the Mountains

The clouds are spilling over Tugwell. It’s an inelegant name for such a lovely mountain, smooth with forest green, patterned purple where the shadows of the cumulous ripple over and away. The clouds are collecting, the clouds now are releasing their water, the mountain is getting a pounding. That inelegant name, I’ve just found out, …

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Courting Kurrunganner

Ages back I’d planned to write something about this year’s pilgrimage to Mt Bride in March, part of our annual Walking the Mountains of Home project. But that event was wedged between two paradigm-smashing events: the climate change bushfires and the pandemic. We’re in the midst of strange, unsettling, complex times. Topics that once were …

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The Spiritual, the Ecological, and the Pleasurable: from Cultural Aversion to Collective Embodiment

Cat McKay has created a beautiful artwork here; fusing her film making with my words to convey something of the experience of dancing contact improvisation outside. This is dance with a human other, and a more-than-human world. It’s one of my favourite things to do, and a powerful way of learning and knowing. And here …

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