Co-Becoming Practice Community Writing Courses

Exploring Animism, Embodiment and Belonging

The Co-Becoming Practice Community is an ongoing series of workshops, a combination of writing and embodiment exercises, small group and whole group sharing, all aimed at supporting mature and ongoing nature connection.

These courses aim to foster an ongoing and regular practice community – a yoga for the soul, for earth-connection.

Each block we focus on specific presences within the more-than-human world and explore our relationships with them and the relationships between them. I bring to the courses my many years of study and practise of deep presencing with body and world. I share the knowledge gained in my PhD investigations of somatic and shamanistic metaphysics, where I studied knowledge and sensing of the animate earth in European and Australian Aboriginal traditions.

Co-becoming is a term that we were inspired by when learning about Country through the book Songspirals by the Gay’wu group of women. “Country has awareness, it is not just backdrop. It knows and is part of us. It is home and land, but it is more than that.Country is the way humans and non-humans co-become, the way we emerge together and will always emerge together.”

Below are some words from the participants:

This is deep and profound work of joy and connection, healing and offering much meaning. …It deepens authentic living in surprising and beautiful ways. I love the community, and the intimacy of the small groups in breakout rooms. I feel supported both personally and professionally. Thanks Maya for your bravery and vulnerability, I think this is the leadership we need in such times. — Kerryn

I see the work you are inviting us to do as very significant, hugely important, and an integral step on the path to deep relationships in community and co-becoming. — Bronwen

You create a safe container and encourage and listen without judgement. It is a lovely process to allow the more-than-human world to have a voice, to be witnessed and to have agency, and this further enables a sense of belonging. Co-becoming means to loosen fixed concepts and to be with the other in a different more expansive way.  There is an entering into a new pattern of relationship that is entangled, embodied and alive. It allows a new way of perceiving to emerge; pattern-thinking. The discussion, the witnessing others, and the embodied exploration all enabled a new way of being with this more expansive world. — Jackie

The Co-becoming workshop was delightful. Your stewardship of the gathering was masterful and quite lovely. I came away with a lot to think about. The way you presented and facilitated the idea of ‘being the experience’ rather than using language to ‘describe an experience’ of co-becoming was very powerful to me. I will take this into my own work. Many thanks for a really wonderful and life giving experience. — Paul

The intentions listed below speak from my longing and my hopes, out of my dreams of a more beautiful world. To me these aspirations feel both bold and dream-like, vulnerable and assured, personal and ecological. I aim for them to be open to the diversity and complexity of the hearts, minds and bodies of each of you; I hope you can sense yourself within them.

  • We seek a reversal of figure and ground, to let the corporeal connections, the ecological ground, the spaces between, the unfurling and infinite expanse, be the place of attending.
  • We rest the cognitive mind and let our wild selves, our animal, vegetal, fungal and bacterial selves show us how.
  • We cultivate the eros of connection, we honour the desires and drives to entangle and entwine, to be seen and to see, and to be beautiful for the world we cherish. We cultivate the vulnerability to reveal what we honour and how we love.
  • While we take care of and cherish our uniqueness and our knowing, yet we honour the whole above the part, and the mystery above the answer.

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