Writing Wildness: Animism, Embodiment and Belonging

Visiting The Pinnacles at Phillip Island – it’s too small to see in this pic, but we watched enraptured as a lone seal surfed amid the swirl. Now there’s a refined art of the mammal’s dance with the wildness of water and stone. Artfully engaging with the depth and complexity of the elemental world – that’s the intention of the writing course I’m beginning on Tuesday 1st of February, 7-9pm, running fortnightly for four sessions. This course has evolved out of my PhD research into both the science and the shamanic history of the body’s role in deep nature connection and how that can be expressed creatively. There’s still a few places, but I’m keeping it intimate, so if you’re interested, please get in touch soon!

We are going to start the year by working with water and stone, and to find ways for our bodies to attune to their deep and ancient relationship. To explore ways in which we are this intimacy; our blood, our bone, our tears, our tides. And to experience how these raw and elemental forces are foundational to how we come to know ourselves, being, in fact, the very essence of both our stability and our flow.

Below are some words from some past participants of these courses:

This is deep and profound work of joy and connection, healing and offering much meaning. …It deepens authentic living in surprising and beautiful ways. I love the community, and the intimacy of the small groups in breakout rooms. I feel supported both personally and professionally. Thanks Maya for your bravery and vulnerability, I think this is the leadership we need in such times. – Kerryn

I see the work you are inviting us to do as very significant, hugely important, and an integral step on the path to deep relationships. The work is profound, it can seem light and playful yet brings real shifts to a sense of interconnectedness with everything that is. 

 – Bronwen

You create a safe container and encourage and listen without judgement. It is a lovely process to allow the more-than-human world to have a voice, to be witnessed and to have agency, and this further enables a sense of belonging. Co-becoming means to loosen fixed concepts and to be with the other in a different more expansive way.  There is an entering into a new pattern of relationship that is entangled, embodied and alive. It allows a new way of perceiving to emerge; pattern-thinking. The discussion, the witnessing others, and the embodied exploration all enabled a new way of being with this more expansive world. – Jackie

The intention is to continue throughout the year with the format of 4 sessions, two weeks apart, with each block to have a particular focus. The aim of ongoing work is to develop a regular practice of deep nature connection through honing our sense perception, accessed via embodiment and writing practices: a yoga for our Earth soul. It also aims to support our presence and intimacy with the more than human world between sessions, to learn from each other through sharing our connections with the animate world within the group, and to be inspired to share these ways of knowing with our communities. For me, this is where my activism must now come from – a place of deep wonder, communion, and trust in the intelligence of life – in order to access more collaborative, earth-centred ways of knowing and being.

Prices for four session blocks are $120/$80 concession. Held on zoom for two hours starting 7pm, each session is two weeks apart, with optional exercises and readings provided to work with between meetings. to sign up, please email me on [email protected]
Or if you’d like to be kept in the loop regarding future courses, sign up to the mailing list on this website
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