Taketina in Warburton

Taketina is a beautiful, meditative, rhythm-based musical practice. Somehow it’s both deeply relaxing and energising – guided yet creative, body-based yet really stimulating for the brain. It’s exquisite to move with.

My friend Justin Holland is a master at teaching it, and we’ve been talking the last few years about how might integrate our practices — my co-becoming and movement work with Taketina. We are both fans of and have learned so much from contact improvisation, so we have devised a workshop experience that incorporates something of all of these. This will be our first time, so we are inviting a select group of 10 to join us in my studio for a four hour immersion. 

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Price is $50 plus $5 PAY THE RENT

TaKeTiNa is a beautiful and relaxing process that includes learning rhythmic patterns, body percussion and coordinating stepping and clapping. What it leads to is a deep connection with life through rhythm. It is a practice that leads you to reclaim the moment and enter into a deep meditation.

TaKeTiNa is encountering rhythm in its direct essence. Using primal rhythmic movements and rhythm archetypes TaKeTiNa provides you with the most direct connection to this fundamental power of life.

I wrote a little story about my first Taketina experience in this blog post.

Here’s a little more info from the Taketina website:


May 20 2023


1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Maya's place
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