The Spiritual, the Ecological, and the Pleasurable: from Cultural Aversion to Collective Embodiment: a Movement and Ideas Workshop

A free online presentation as part of the global Embodiment Conference 

Spirituality, an expanded mode of perception with particular felt qualities, has long been marginalised in science due to its unquantifiable and ephemeral nature. However, recent research in neuroscience, dance and somatics are providing narratives that ground and embody this perceptual method, helping to reframe spirituality as an important and innate biological capacity of the human animal.

Pleasure, the awareness of the joy of being a body, is part of this. Embracing pleasure is key to understanding the intelligent, creative aliveness of ecological systems – its ‘spiritual reality,’ as it were. This talk and workshop will include writing and movement practices for developing our spiritual, ecological and pleasurable depths.

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Oct 23 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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