Where is Mother Earth?

Where is Mother Earth?

Before us, behind us, within us; culture and nature in a dance. Loved and feared, each in their time.

There are many stories.

One is a story of waking up to our vulnerability: to the unforgiving conditions of scarcity, predation, and the randomness of nature.

Another story starts too with waking up. Some of it the same.

Yet to it still there’s something more.

Perhaps the stirring of what was lost, now hard to name. A feeling of sorts; a home within worth cultivating.

Where is Mother Earth?

“…‘Walk the path, journey to the source. These are not metaphors, they are instructions.’ Initiation isn’t abstract.” – Maya Ward

This evening is a deep inquiry into the art of listening; of a knowing distinct from that for which we use words most often.

Part One – A filmed dialogue in an intimate setting for a small audience. (run time circa 50 minutes.)

Part Two – Facilitated group dialogues – a practice of contemplation built on deep listening and authentic speech, for the purpose of making sense, connecting, and realising insight together. (run time circa 50 mins)

Joining Tim Adalin for this evening’s dialogue is Maya Ward.

Maya has worked for 30 years in deepening belonging and connection to place through writing, dancing, designing and teaching. Her PhD in Creative Writing explored the ecological and evolutionary underpinning to archetypal experience, referencing neuroscience, somatics, psychology and shamanistic metaphysics.

**About Tim Adalin**

Tim is here this evening as a philosopher involved in the art of transformation; as an experimenter with participatory knowing practices and transformative dialogue; as current host of Voiceclub, and in joyful anticipation of the potential we can here make actual together.

**About Voiceclub**

Voiceclub is an embodied philosophical project. It’s a platform for transformative dialogue and meaningful experience.

We create podcasts, films, and events, creating meaningful experiences for people who care about making sense, as individuals, connected to community, in service of the whole.

**What previous attendees have said**

– “But mostly, what I wanted to say, was that first group discussion was the most rewarding group discussion I’ve ever been a part of. It got to the essence of life in a really beautiful way with everyone onboard.”
– “Voiceclub is a great open minded space to discover yourself and others through inspiring and thought provoking topics.”
– “Stimulating and deep conversations which challenge the mind and levels of comfort. A much needed space in a world full of shallowness.”
– 6.30pm – arrive and enjoy the intimate, beautiful venue Caz Reitop’s Dirty Secrets, perfect for small group conversation. To take your seat downstairs by 6.50pm.

– 7:00pm – (start of filming) Tim & Maya will dialogue for roughly 50 minutes

– 10 minute intermission

– 8.10-8.50pm – small group conversation-

– 8.50-8.55pm – close, reflection

At 8.55pm the event will be over and we will vacate the basement. There is a free stand-up comedy event happening from 9.30 onwards.Upstairs at Caz are beautiful spots to continue the conversation


Nov 13 2019


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Caz Reitop’s Dirty Secrets
80 Smith Street, Collingwood
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