The work of coming home to the alive world can be a difficult and lonely journey. Support along the way is profoundly helpful. Through mentoring, I offer companionship to those seeking to express more fully this way of being, whether through their creative practice such as writing, or their own inner journey.

Through her mentorship, Maya supports me to grow a sacred practice of writing. She encourages me to reinforce the threads of my intuition, demands presence and authenticity and provides writerly nourishment for my soul. I feel heard, supported and, most importantly, challenged to expand further into the pain and beauty within the story I must tell. My project has gone from insurmountable and intimidating to pen steadily spiralling across the page, and I am so very grateful for that. – Julie

Maya is extremely sensitive and present to the energy in the moment which allows for a wonderful, intimate and supportive experience. I feel cared for and held while exploring a new way of communicating with nature and myself.  The work always left me feeling like my being had expanded in wondrous and unexpected ways, while being nourished and replenished. – Corinne

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