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Yarra Walk

One of my favourite things is to share my appreciation of Birrarung. Another love is sharing the journey of creative practice, and how intimately connected to wildness it is – wild nature, and wild body.

I give talks and ‘walkshops’ on my experience walking the Yarra, as well as writing workshops and presentations on other aspects of my research. I invite you to join me. See my EVENTS page for details, or contact me directly to arrange a custom event for your group or community.

To give you a sense of my walkshops and talks, here are a few testimonials…

A journey with a river whisperer, Maya’s walkshop was a revelation of place and being. She guided us through many layers of perception, widening and deepening our perspective. There is so much, so close, that we don’t see and need to learn to appreciate, so we can open ourselves to our belonging. Thank you so much Maya for all your love and care of all of it! – Sheila

Thankyou, Maya, for today’s careful and respectful, slow immersion into Yarra country, from the first dipping of our toes in with your stories of place, to full body flow, downstream, and homeward. What a life you have had, with the river inside. What a gift of seeing and experiencing you shared with us today.  – Brigitte 

What a journey towards genuine wholeness. A gentle, perfectly timed, revealing and insightful meander along the banks of this city’s vein, Maya revealed, through story and recounting, the living truths of Birrarung. A day of many small blessings – it felt to me like the first earthly footsteps of increased understanding of my place in this, the land of the Wurundjeri. – Justine

Thank you Maya for guiding our walking into a new way of being and knowing, a new way of coming home. A nature immersion of profound and moving graces and expansiveness. Meaningful connections into our place and beauty and body. – John

Thank you Maya for sharing and guiding us through your journey of connection to the land of your birth. I too have felt a disconnect to this place of my birth and the need to heal the significant disassociation from this country. Well done for facing this difficult but essential challenge for the healing between the invaders and the indigenous population. – Michela

The book ‘The Comfort of Water’ is one of my most important discoveries. Maya’s Yarra walkshop reinforced and expanded the ideas in her book, and we became a small part of that story. We not only learnt and reflected on our connections with nature through Maya’s words and discussions about different cultural frameworks, but through the physical act of walking along the river. – Annette

Maya’s writing workshop was taught with integrity from an easy embodied place. She came with all her love and wisdom for the earth, her own body and our collective body: the community. As a facilitator, she gave us permission to trust what arises in consciousness and to get it down on paper; so much so that I found myself knee deep in the river, pen and paper in hand, heart pounding, excited and exploring again in a way I never thought possible. I love her wild mind and how she inspires in us, the capacity to go deeper with an uncommon enjoyment of process. – Genevieve 

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