To anyone teetering on the edge of Maya Ward’s year-long Plunge program, I say grab hold of your heart, your favourite pen and your most beautiful notebook and dive in! The unfathomable Ocean of the Imaginal Realm is lonely and longs for you to enter. 'Co-Becoming' is no place for dilly-dallying or toe-dipping. So come on, JUMP! Come to meet the Ocean and find yourself along the way. Maya's exquisitely delicate yet robustly informed holding of this work offers you the opportunity for an embodied understanding of what it means to be supported by the infinite web of relationality. If you are willing to turn your brains inside-out in service of something greater than yourself and recognise the need for an experienced guide and practice community to help you remain grounded in the process, then you will find good company here.
A deep and lovely dive into the places I’ve always known yet forget often. A reacquaintance of sorts held with such care and curiosity by the delightful Maya. A process I can carry home and nurture the desire for connection with nature, place, myself and the divine. .
Where the human hearts and more-than-human world come together, there is a place of deep prayer that can contribute to the healing of our world. Maya shares practices, wisdom and insight that gently lead to a deeper communion than you might imagine. Not simply a writing workshop but a way of being that can be remembered and shared so simply. Pure magic.
I feel a profound stillness and calm after a delightfully dislocating and delicious dip in the more-than-human waters. The deft facilitation, warm safe container and wonderful surrounds have allowed me to traverse some truly paradigm-splitting new territories. This work speaks through you with such zest and humility.
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