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Visionary Writing

Visionary writing is about letting go of control and opening to mystery, to allow greater, stranger, sweeter things through than our conscious minds might allow. It’s wonderful to witness what comes. And to do this work in groups feels profound, because together we witness new pathways, and we companion each other, for a day, down these alluring trails. If you’re interested but can’t do the date, let me know so I can keep you informed of other options. Here’s some more detail:

In these rapidly changing and unsettling times, visions of the beautiful, ethical world we truly desire are more important than ever.

How can we tap into the visionary impulse within us, follow inspiration, and generate words and stories that are deeply nourishing?

This workshop will dip into the words and worlds of some of the most inspiring writers of our time. We will also explore creative processes that unleash profound and grounded creativity. Based on time-tested techniques of visionary writing, we will be harnessing the energies generated by a group of people dedicated to helping bring to life the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

This workshop is capped at eight participants.

Here are words from past participants:

My soul has been so deeply filled with beauty, nourishment and softness spending the day engrossed in Maya’s Visionary Writing Workshop. Thank you – Corinne

Rich and fecund as river silt upon the floodplains, Maya’s Visionary Writing workshop has ever-so-gently held this quiet seed and nudged it into creaking, creeping wriggling through the loam. I stand now, face turned up to the sun, unfurled. Unfurling. The world is alive and I am listening. My pen captures the floodwaters of the words upon the page. Thank you – Phoebe

Maya’s warm and wonderful teachings will remain with me for a lifetime. I had no idea what to expect but it was everything and more I could have hoped for. The journey towards a deeper, more soul-connected way with words has begun. – Carolyn

Maya’s Visionary Writing workshop connected me back to the source of inspiration, into myself, others and the earth. The practices enabled me to go beyond the mind and connect to my body and the more than human world. The results were profound. – Rebecca

Maya held a deeply safe and sacred space that unleashed an emerging story that was hidden. I am forever changed. A gifted facilitator and storyteller that the world needs now. – Gilbert

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